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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Back to school, back to blogging

Ok so I unintentionally took the summer off of posting on here... This came right around the end of June, which happens to be when I started my first semester of Nursing at Edison. So that is my excuse...

Our summer went by so fast....

Nursing School -
First semester was good - but boy it is a totally different style of learning AND thinking. There's this whole thing called "critical thinking". Sheesh I haven't done that since like...high school? 10 years ago! So that was an adjustment, but I have to confess I was super excited to get going seeing as how I already did all my pre required classes a few years ago.

I have less than two years to go - May 2010 I should be done, provided I don't suffer any major mental breakdown about handling school, parenting a first grader, and trying to bring in some extra cash with my scrapbook site, and Junior League, and whatever else.

This was my first purchase (of many to come) of books I needed for my summer classes, and then most I'll keep using throughout the program in addition to others.

Oh and I did manage to get an A in one class and a B (but sooooo close to an A) in the other. Whoo hoo! Now on to fall semester.. this is where I'll start Fundamentals, Health Assessment, and the anticipated clinicals. Yes - with real live patients. Ack!

Here is my addition to the Massing Library of Nursing Books:

Myka - TURNED 7!

In the world of Myka - we had TWO birthday parties, and one celebration dinner. All for turning seven - life is rough when you are that age. The first party was a family one, then we had a dinner with my mom, sis, and brother, then we just had his birthday party with all his friends at Chuck E. Cheese. This just opened here a few weeks ago and it is "THE" place in town these days among kids (and even some adults). So here are a few highlights from the celebrations:
Star Wars is the favorite now a'days

Yes, he is looking like he is sticking his finger in his nose - but he's not. This is Josh, Myka, myself, and my super cool sis who just got done with hair school, and my cute brother who just moved to Tallahassee for college and all the girls chase him around.

Josh & Ang

We celebrated our 2nd anniversary, and wait till you SEE what my sweet husband did for me. I'll have to save that for another post since this is getting long enough.

Josh is STILL working on getting his contractors license but it seems we keep having to jump through hoops....

We did finally move out of our house - that lovely after effect of foreclosure and buying a house at peak market values, and then losing most of my income last year - but we know God does have a plan for us, so we are just working now on getting settled in our new place.
I actually did a lot of great reading this summer (notice the new GoodRead widget on the side (I didn't read all those this summer, are you kidding?) including a great series, the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer which I loved! Yes, it is considered in the Young Adult category but I heard about it and it sounded good so I read the first 3 in the series in less than a week, then my sis and I actually went to the midnight release of the 4th one - and so that was fun too. But I start fall classes next week so we'll see how much time I have to read.... for enjoyment. If you like to read check out the Good Read site - and then sign up so we can be "friends" - it is a cool way to keep track of what you have read, and plan to read, and see what everyone else is reading too.

And then school started...

So this brings us to now - the first week of FIRST GRADE! I can't believe it. I think Myka will have a super year this year and he seems so grown up sometimes now. Here he is on Monday ready for school.

So that is the latest from the Massing household.. I think.. I don't know I probably forgot some major updates but I don't know what they are right now. SO this was a good start...