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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Worker of the Week & Tae Kwan Do

If you click on the picture - you'll get a bigger version and can see his work!

Yay! Myka is Worker of the Week at his school this week! He will get to go up at Chapel next Tuesday and get a certificate from Mr. Z (as the kids call him), the Principal. Funny thing, yesterday when I wanted to get his picture, I first snapped the pic of the entire board, then asked him to go stand in front of his paper and can you believe it - HE WAS EMBARRASSED!! I litterally had to drag him over to the board and told him I wanted to send a pic of him to Papa, and thats when he (quickly) gave me this big grin - and that was it - he had to look around to make sure no one saw his mom taking a picture of him in front of the worker of the week board!

And since I am on a roll with showing off how proud I am of him, here is a picture of Myka in his Do bak (or however it's spelled) - his Tae Kwan Do uniform with his white belt and his stripes he has earned. We are only about 1 1/2 months into it, but he LOVES it and it is so good for him!

Tonight we are heading to the Monster Jam Monster Truck Show down in Naples. This will be Josh & I's second time - Myka's third! It's always a fun time, so I'll post some pictures this week about that!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Thunderbirds in town...

Well, I am a few days late posting this. Ok, so a WEEK late nearly. But the bottom line is, I got it posted!

Last weekend we went to the Florida International Airshow for our 4th year. We missed last year when the Blue Angels were scheduled, but they didn't come because it was not long after one of the Blue Angels died in a practice crash. So we didn't attend then, but the three years prior, when Myka was 4, 3, and 2 we did go. So this year made four - and it was great. The Air Force Thunderbirds of course were the highlight, and as always it was very HOT (and I got very sunburned!).

I did another slide show below for the pictures, because there are several.We waited in line for about 30 minutes to go inside the cock pit of a C - 130 where I snaped a cool pic of my boys in the pilot seats. Myka can now explain to you that a C-130 is a "plane that drievs through hurricanes and takes army guys places". There ya have it.

My pilot boys:

Myka & I in front of the plane:

Various pics from the flights: