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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

FREE at last!

Until August 20-something anyhow....

I officially finished my first year of Nursing school last week. And it took me a darn week to recoop, I tell ya. Finals wore me out,but thankfully they went very well, and I managed two A's and 1 B (in mental health... go figure - ha!). But in the stuff that KEEPS YOU ALIVE - I got A's - so I am hopin' that's a a good sign?

--> This time next year I will have graduated and I can't believe how fast it's going! YAY!

Anyhow, so now that the semester is over, I have the summer off and I have great aspirations for what I want to accomplish this summer. Here's a brief list:

1. Trip to Missouri end of June. Driving. Sanity stealer? Probably. But I'll recoop once I get to catch up with the fam there.
2. Buy a NCLEX-RN book and take practice questions daily ( 5 or 10 MOST!). This is the big test you have to take to get your license.
3. Get my 16 volunteer hours in that I have to have before graduation.
4. Go through the bazillion and one toys Myka has - and sell some, donate some.
5. Clear out clutter.... and I have lots.
6.Join the gym. Like I should have done that last week. But still plan to.
7. Read more good books. I am in a book reading frenzy.
8. Garage Sale. This helps with #4 and #5.
9. Get Organized. Ha.
10. Scrapbook more. Take some cool online classes and attempt digital photography in the *gasp* manual mode.
11. I have more, I just know it....

SO there's the plan.

The End.

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